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It’s no longer recommended for poisoning treatment!

Do NOT give syrup of ipecac or induce vomiting. Experts including the American Association of Poison Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics, no longer endorse this treatment for poisoning.  Its effectiveness has been deemed highly questionable, and it can do more harm than good. It is recommended to throw away any bottles of syrup of ipecac you may have in your home.

Call 911 or seek immediate emergency treatment.  While waiting, if the suspected poison is a household cleaner or other chemical, read the container’s label and follow instructions for accidental poisoning. Gather other suspected poisoning containers or pill bottles for emergency teams when they arrive.

Know your local poison control hotline number and keep it in a handy place.

National poisoning help and hotline: (800) 222-1222
American Association of Poison Control Centers

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