Learn these ‘Big Four’ Safe to Eat Plants in the Wild

Cattails: This is one of best options if they are available. The base of the stalk is like celery, the root and tuber can make flour by grinding them using rocks, and the pollen is very healthy.

Acorns from Oak Trees: The entire nut is edible and they’re easy to stockpile.


Pine Nuts: The nuts in pine cones and inner bark of pine trees are edible. You can also make pine needle tea by steeping the needles in a cup of hot water heated from a campfire.

pine nuts

Grass: Eat the base (at the bottom) of grass. It is starchy, but edible and filled with water and carbohydrates.

wild grass


A word about berries:
Remember this phrase to help determine which berries are edible. It is not foolproof, but will be helpful if you have no other options:

“White and yellow, kills a fellow. Purple and blue, good for you. Red could be good, could be dead”.


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