dew from word clipartNo matter how hungry you may be, water is more important to your survival than food. 

In some areas you can find water by following the sound of a flowing stream or river. If your location is dry, here are some additional suggestions to locate water:

  • Grazing animals usually head to water near dawn and dusk. Following them can often lead you to water.
  • Look for an abundance of flies and mosquitoes. They tend to stay within approximately 400 feet of water.
  • Dew sitting on grass in a field is an excellent source of water. Collect this by trailing a T-shirt or thin piece of cloth through the grass as you walk.
  • Avoid drinking stagnant water. It is usually not suitable to drink even if you boil it.
  • In the desert you can often find water by digging into a dry creek bed.
  • Once you find a source of water, bring it to a boil if possible. Even the cleanest of mountain streams can have microbes and parasites in the water. If boiling is not an option, search out water from a flowing stream or dew on grass or leaves.
  • You can make a water filter by layering bark, stones, sand, and charcoal and running the water through this before drinking.


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