camp fire

Learning how to make a fire from just about anything may be an important part of your survival.

Fire can also be used to attract the attention of rescuers if you are lost or injured. Keep in mind the wind direction and the surrounding area. The USDA Forest Service recommends building your campfire or survival fire away from all overhanging branches, rotten stumps, logs, dry grass, and leaves.

Here are a few methods of making a fire using materials you might have:

Eyeglasses: The best kind of eyeglasses to use is ‘magnifiers’ or far-sighted glasses, which resemble a magnifying glass. Spit on the lens and use the lens to angle the sun towards a pile of kindling (dry leaves, twigs, etc.) It may take a while, but your kindling will heat up enough and smolder. Carefully blow on the fire to ignite the flame.

Bottle of water: The same idea as the eye glasses can apply to a bottle of water (a condom or ice). Focus the sun’s rays through the water so that it creates a single point of heat directed towards the kindling. Again, this may take a while, but will eventually catch fire.

Cell phone battery: This is a good method if you do not have sunshine available. If you have your cell phone, you have a lithium battery. Use a knife or any conductive material you can scavenge to create a short between the positive and negative terminals to cause a spark.

Sticks: This is the hardest method, but it may be the only one available. Quickly roll a stick back and forth between the palms of your hands, with the stick end pressing into a dry log. Use the friction to start a fire. This will take a while even if you have practice. You may want to safely practice this in your own yard. It may take a good hour to get a spark or smoke that you can gently blow to ignite the fire.

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