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I have a VERY nice outdoor kit made by a company called Adventure Medical that is almost identical to this but cost A LOT MORE!! You get a lot of value in this kit and the items in the kit are GREAT for traveling and adventure.. This kit is more robust.. Has more items and overall a better kit than your basic home first aid kits. This is an Adventure Kit and it is built for adventures!!

1.) Tons of Items – This kit is built for adventures and has everything you would need in the “Field”. It also has everything you would EVER need in case of a home emergency

2.) Very Organized kit – Makes it super easy to find what you need

3.) Water Resistant bag – A MUST for outdoor kits! (Bag says it is waterproof and it is but I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in direct rain for hours at a time.

4.) Includes odd items that home kits won’t include such as emergency blankets, first aid mask, CPR mask and more.

5.) Value – My Adventure Medical kit was about $60 for the same items and almost identical design

Overall: This kit has more items than you would ever need at home and for an outdoor kit is has EVERYTHING you would ever need. This kit is simply amazing and full of anything you would ever need for your adventure! Camping, Hiking, Climbing are no match for this kit! You get hurt or have an accident, you will have the supplies to take care of the emergency!

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Fold-Out Kit has 6 Compartments

This kit is jam-packed with useful first-aid items. When open the kit, each side folds out, so there is actually a total of 5 separate compartments, 3 of which are zippered, and 2 of which are “pouches.” Ooops–there is actually another one on the flip side of one of the compartments–so there are actually 6 compartments, not 5.

The center zippered compartment holds a ton of adhesive bandages–probably a lot more than you will ever need.

Some of the more “special” items are: An emergency blanket to keep someone warm; and an “Instant Ice Pack.” I guess I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Well, now I know! There are also a few antibiotic ointments, as well as some “Stinging Relief” packets. (I looked for some “Poison Oak Relief” packets, but alas, I didn’t see any. Maybe in the next release?

There are also some temperature-measurement strips, called “Feverscan” strips. Like a thermometer, except it has colored circles that indicate a range of fever.

So, all in all, a very useful kit, with lots of handy items. I plan to keep mine around the house, or take on outdoor events. In fact, in thinking about this, I’m putting mine in my car. I like to keep emergency equipment in my car, and this will make a nice addition.
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Bag packed with assortment of fresh first aid supplies

Read the description of items included in the Patch-Up first aid kit and rest assured that it is loaded with almost anything you will need of a non-pharmaceutical nature to care for first aid needs of your family or group. The soft sided zipped case with handles looks similar to others on the outside, but when opened, you will discover assorted zippered pockets containing all the supplies.

I was shocked to see the number of adhesive strips and was happy to read in the publication which Patch-Up sends via an email in PDF format that they are all latex-free. There are even decorated strips for kids or those who want a little design on their bandages.

Because many of the items are affected by high heat, I will not leave this in a vehicle, especially in the summer, but I would absolutely take this with me to events where I know a number of attendees will be present. The publication describes how to use the items, and I would suggest knowing where they are in the bag as well as how to use them in advance, especially the protective face mask.

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