By Crítica HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE  Excellent First Aid Kit

First let me say what I love the most about this kit besides having everything you could possibly need for an emergency, is it softsided. This makes it so easy to fit into tight areas. Once the Patch-Up kit arrived it was put in it’s new home…the storage box on one of our ATV’s. We go on ATV trail camping trips and let me tell you my husband and stepson think they are made of steel but they are actually quite accident prone. From tree branch scratches, bloody knuckles or campfire burns this kit will cover all their boo-boos.

It looks so small, but when it opens and the flaps keep on dropping down you will be amazed how much it holds. There are 270 pieces in all, and there is even some room to add more if you like.

Perfect for home, camping, boating to even prepping for the unknowing – this kit will have everything you could ever need. The bag is heavy duty and waterproof.

Money back guarantee If you are not completely satisfied.

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by David M. Glass

5.0 out of 5 stars The best first aid kit that I have ever purchased

I have bought more expensive marine first aid kits that have not had as many or as good quality items that this one contains. I’m really impressed by the quality and construction of the bag as well as the items inside. This looks more waterproof than my marine first aid kit. The quality of the zippers is excellent. I will be taking this kit with me while doing two of my favorite outdoor activities, kayaking and sailing.
Unfortunately, I’ve already had an opportunity to use a bandage from the kit. Within a few hours of receiving the Patch-Up First Aid Kit I cut my toe moving furniture in flip flops, not a smart idea I know. However, buying this kit turned out to be a really smart idea. I used the smallest bandages in the kit on the top of my toe just under the toenail to stop the bleeding. Due to the odd spot of my cut I wasn’t sure if the bandage was going to hold while I finished moving furniture. Amazingly the bandage held the whole day until I had to remove it myself.

This is a great kit with top quality items and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a first aid kit.

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The Perfect First Aid Kit That Everyone Should Have

I have owned a lot of different first aid kits in the past, but this one is by far the best. The waterproof bag is perfectly sized to fit everything inside of it while not being too big and clunky to keep in your home or car.

It is VERY well organized with different zipper pouches that fold and expand to make finding what you need quicker and easier. The kit itself comes with a wide variety of items from your standard bandages to forehead thermometers. There is even a CPR Kit! You never know when you are going to need something like this. It’s best to ALWAYS be prepared. I highly, highly recommend this kit to everyone!

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