The Little First Aid Bag with the BIG Surprise

When you have an accident, a scratch, a burn, or a sprain, then a handy First Aid bag may be your line of first response.  In that case you want a kit replete with many options. When you open the newly released Patch-Up First Aid Kit, this 9” X 7” X 3” just keeps folding out to reveal 6 separate pockets as it stretches out to a full 36 inches. This presents an organizational advantage as different categories of supplies can be placed for maximum convenience.

In an emergency, you want to be prepared. The Patch-Up Kit has been introduced to new customers exclusively at Amazon. In the vernacular, when you have received a scratch, a scrape, bites or a minor injury, etc. you need to “patch it up.” Therefore, the new Patch-Up Kit offers 270 medical/first aid emergency supplies, including 39 unique items.

With all these choices and selections, “patching up” is made easier, simpler, and safer, with high quality supplies.

Free Shipping is available for Amazon Prime members. There are also introductory discounts available for purchasing larger quantities of the bags. These can be very useful for families to have at home, in the car, and at sports or outdoor events. The bag is made with a durable, water and stain-resistant nylon.

Patch-Up Products LLC has designed this product, which is registered with the FDA, and manufactured in a facility certified by FDA and CE.

Patch-Up square 1


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