Instant Ice Pack Kit – Bulk

 32 cold packs total, contained in 4 portable tough nylon water-resistant kits with 8 ice packs in each kit.


Comes packed in 4 tough water & stain resistant nylon kits with 8 each for easy handling.

EASY TO TAKE EVERYWHERE – Our bulk pack comes with 32 cold packs total, contained in 4 portable tough nylon water-resistant bags with 8 icepacks in each. Keep one at home and others in your vehicle or RV, sports or team bag, bug out bag or outdoor adventure backpack. Great for all sports, teams and coaches and to always have plenty on hand for your family and icing your children’s knees and elbows easily during the game or on the way home from practice.

BE READY TO “GET THE ICE ON” FAST – Our medical disposable 4X6 ice packs provides 15-20 minutes of icing therapy with each coldpack when activated to get the recommended amount of effective cooling and pain relief for common injury, quickly! Use as a cool compress to reduce muscle or joint swelling in legs, knees, ankles, upper and lower back, and neck. Makes a perfect pain reliever for sinus, migraine headaches, wisdom teeth, arthritis, diabetes, breastfeeding relief and more.

DEPENDABLE WHEN YOU NEED THEM MOST -The single use inner bag is durable enough to activate with applying just the right amount of pressure but will never pop unexpectedly and become a useless wet mess. Contains ammonium nitrate for superior cooling and the bag is latex free. Never be caught without cold ice compresses necessary in treating emergencies and for firstaid when freezer ice is nowhere to be found.

A “MUST HAVE” FOR HOME AND OUTDOOR ADVENTURES – Our convenient 4 X 6 inch icepack size is perfect to use on any part of the body to pacify kids when they fall or bruise themselves, and for everyone to use as families, in sports, hunting, camping, fishing, and all outdoor adventures and remote wilderness activities. Recovery from minor aches, insect bites, stings and resultant swelling is quick when using these portable paks.

WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED – Comes with our ‘First Aid Guide’ and ‘Instructions for Use’ PDFs emailed upon purchase, and also our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back. We strive to provide the best customer service and purchasing experience ever. When injuries occur, the sooner you “get the ice on” the better! Protect your loved ones. Makes a great gift.

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