Knowing How to Treat Burns will Prevent Further Damage

For mild burns causing the skin to turn pinkish or red that may also include tiny blisters, soak in cool ( not icy) water. Apply aloe vera directly from the plant, or purchased as a gel or lotion to soothe and help heal skin. Let any blisters heal naturally without breaking them open.  If necessary, cover the burn with a non adherent wound pad. Never use regular gauze or cotton balls with an oozing burn, as the fibers may stick and cause infection.

For moderate to sever burns, rinse with tepid water..not cold water or ice, as this may cause further damage.  Do not use antibiotic ointments, gels, sprays, lotions or butter with these types of burns. Do not attempt to remove clothing stuck to the burn. Leave this to the doctor.  And do not attempt to break any blisters as this may cause infection.  Cover the burn with a non adherent wound pad and seek immediate medical treatment.

See a Doctor If: 

* Blisters are large, contain a cloudy fluid, or if the burned area is oozing fluid
* The burn is white, pink, red or brown, or appears dry, leathery or charred
* The burn is larger than them victim’s palm
* Hands, feet, face, eyes or genitalia are burned
* Electricity or chemicals caused the burn
* The person has a chronic health condition such as diabetes
* The person is an infant, young child or senior citizen
* The person is cold or shivering. (Cover with a blanket)

Don’t assume a burn injury is minor. Even a small burn can be serious depending on its location and age of the victim.

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