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Q:  What are the dimensions of the kit?
A:  When closed,  9″ x 7″ x 3.”  The kit opens to 36” with all pockets expanded and unfolded.
Q:  Do any of the items expire?
A:  The only items that expire are the bandages. They are marked with an expiration date of approximately 2 to 3 years.
Q: What happens when I run out of items?  Can I re-order?
A: Watch for our refill kit that will be available within the next few months.
Q:  Are the disposable gloves and/or adhesive band aids latex free?
A:  Yes! All are latex free.
Q:  How durable is this kit?
A: The kit is made with 420 D durable water-resistant fabric, with easy to carry handles.
Q:  The emergency blanket looks thin.  How does it work?
A:  The blanket is made of high tech silver Mylar designed to wrap around the body to keep body heat within. It is 54″ X 84” in size.
Q:  How should I clean a minor wound?
A:  You will receive an 8 page PDF file upon purchase of our Patch Up Kit that includes first aid tips and protocols. You can also print this out and keep it with your Kit.
Q:  Is there a guarantee with this emergency kit?
A:  Yes. After purchasing your kit and registering for the warranty, your kit has a one year money back guarantee for replacement if it is damaged or faulty.
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