Emergency Blankets Are For More Than Just This!!

Although most people think of using a Mylar emergency blanket for survival purposes to keep warm, here are many fabulous applications for home and indoors that we think you will just love.



*  Protect furniture from pet hair by using as a Mylar blanket a drape. Cats won’t scratch a couch back if a Mylar blanket is in place. And it’s easy to remove when company comes.



*  Place behind candles or lanterns to reflect light back into the room. You will be surprised how much extra light you get from this.

*  Also place behind wood stoves to more effectively radiate heat into the room.


*  Increase radiator heat substantially by placing thin cardboard covered with Mylar a relatively short distance behind it. Mylar has an extreme heat tolerance, melting at 254 degrees C (that’s 489 degrees F), so there is little danger.




*  Retain heat in the bottom and sides of dog, cat and pet crates when the area is cold or drafty, and especially if your pet or animal kennel is outdoors. For necessary warmth, place a blanket on top of the Mylar that is  on the floor of the kennel.



*   Makes a good temporary window tint. (Mylar sheets are semi-transparent, similar to sliver sun glass lenses)

*  Use over windows or as curtain liners to keep heat in during winter, out during summer, and reduce your electric bill considerably

*  Use in attics for blocking summer heat


*  If heat or power goes out at home, place under blanket or quilt to retain 90% of your body heat. The crinkling noise may be noticeable, but you will keep warm and toasty!

Always have plenty of emergency blankets on hand especially in this case, for yourself and loved ones.



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