Emergency Blanket Kit

  • DEPENDABLE! Our superior performance 84” X 52” silver thermal insulation blankets are made with top quality Mylar developed by NASA space technology to ensure they will withstand even the harshest weather and outdoor conditions every time. FDA approved. Comes with our 100% customer guarantee.
  • EXCEPTIONAL! Your extremely lightweight Mylar sheets are individually wrapped for protection and labeled for easy identification enabling you to easily stash them in your backpack, purse, vehicle glove box, sports or bug out bag, suitcase, emergency kit or survival disaster kit. Take them everywhere you go for peace of mind and protection against sudden and unexpected weather conditions.
  • UNIQUE! Hundreds of astounding uses, and not just limited to emergencies…to line pet crates for warmth, keep homes toasty during winter and cool during summer, and so many other uses while hiking, camping, gardening, sports, leisure, indoors and outdoors.
  • OUTSTANDING! Comes with FREE ‘Awesome Uses for Emergency Blankets’ instructions for survival during severe weather AND directions for creative and practical uses beyond emergencies that you will just love. (PDF emailed upon purchase)
  • EFFECTIVE! Also comes with FREE First Aid Guide to build your knowledge and confidence to effectively perform general first aid for common emergency situations. (PDF emailed upon purchase) We care about your safety and well-being!

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