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Coach your child on these walking safety tips

Walking to school is fun and also may be a convenient alternative to driving for parents.  Teaching your children to follow these tips will insure a safe walk to and from school.

  • Leave early enough to arrive at school at least 10 minutes before school starts.
  • Go straight home after school. Do not go anywhere else without permission.
  • Parents:  Select your child’s route and tell them to follow the same route every day. Pick the safest route between your home and the school and practice walking it with your children. Coach your child not let friends talk them into taking shortcuts.
  • Younger children should always walk with an adult. Older children should walk with friends if possible.
  • Coach your child to never hitch hike or get into a vehicle with anyone, even if they  know them, without your permission.
  • If a stranger directly approaches and engages your child, make sure they know to walk away and immediately report the incident to you or a teacher.
  • Also have your children talk to you or their teacher immediately about bullying or anything else harmful or distressing that happened during their walk.
  • Always use public sidewalks and streets.
  • Teach your children to how to recognize and obey traffic signals, signs, pavement markings and adult crossing guards.
  • Only cross streets at designated crosswalks, street corners and traffic controlled intersections.
  • Watch out for cars and trucks pulling in or out at every driveway and intersection on the walk to school.  Be alert for drivers in parked cars, or cars with engines running as they may be getting ready to move.

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How to cross the street safely:

1. Stop at the curb or edge of the street.

2. Do not talk or text on a cellphone until you have crossed the street.

3. If there is a traffic light, stop and wait on red and yellow, and walk on green.

4. If there is no traffic light, look left, right, left again, and behind you and in front of you for traffic.

5. Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing.

6. Keep looking for traffic and stop if necessary, until you have finished crossing.

7. Walk, don’t run across the street.



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