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Basic rules to teach your children

Now that your child is heading back to school, it is good practice to teach these playground guidelines and safety rules to prevent potential problems and reduce the chance of injury.  

  • Listen to the playground supervisor on duty. Follow all directions the first time they are given.
  • Always play safely by being careful, friendly and courteous.
  • Never push or shove. No bullying. Mean words are not permitted.
  • Check your clothes. Make sure your shoes are tied. Don’t wear necklaces, scarves, drawstrings or very loose clothes that could get tangled.  Tuck your loose fitting clothes in and put jewelry and scarves in your backpack beforehand.
  • If equipment is wet, stay off and keep away as it will be slippery and potentially dangerous.
  • In the summer, touch equipment first to be sure it is not too hot.
  • When more than one person wants to use equipment, share.  Make a line. Wait your turn. Butting in line is not allowed.
  • Before getting off equipment, always make sure no one is in the way.
  • If you or someone is hurt or if there is a problem, tell the playground supervisor or your teacher.

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  • Take one step at a time and hold the handrails with both hands when climbing the ladder to the top. Do not run up the slide from the bottom.
  • Slide down feet first and sitting up, never head first or on your back, knees or stomach.
  • Wait your turn.  Go down one at a time with no fancy tricks.
  • Before sliding, be sure the bottom is clear and no one is in the way.  When you reach the bottom, immediately get off and move away from the slide.

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  • Never walk directly in front or in back of someone swinging…keep a good distance away.
  • Always sit down and do not stand or kneel.  Hold the chains tightly with both hands.
  • Slow down and stop the swing completely before getting off.
  • Never jump out of swings, twist chains or swing sideways. Never push an empty swing.
  • Do not double up with two children to a swing or try to swing too high.

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Climbing Equipment:

  • Keep well behind the person in front of you and be careful of swinging feet.  Never reach for bars or ropes that are too far away.
  • When jumping down from bars or ropes, look first to make sure you have enough room to not hit the equipment or hurt yourself.  Bend your knees land on both feet.
  • No pushing or crowding.  Everyone should start from one side and move in the same direction. When climbing down, watch out for those climbing up.

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Balls, jump ropes, hoops and other small equipment:

  • Stay well away from the large playground equipment.
  • Share, take turns with smaller equipment and play safely with no hogging or rough play.
  • Do not throw balls in a way to harm others or create danger.
  • If your ball goes outside of the playground, first ask the teacher or playground supervisor for permission before you get it.


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