Emergency Blankets Are For More Than Just Emergencies!

Mylar Emergency Blankets, sometimes called thermal, space, solar or foil blankets, are for more than keeping warm in a cold weather emergency!

Here are some awesome emergency blanket uses for camping, outdoors and wilderness adventuring:


*  Magnify campfire heat for warmth. Place blanket around you and hold it open sitting in front of the fire to ‘bounce’ heat around you. (Mylar melts at 254°C so there is no fire danger)

*  Catch rain by placing blanket in a natural depression in the ground or one you have created

*  Make water from melted snow by placing on blanket in the sun

*  Reflect the sun to heat water

*  Cut and line boots or gloves that have become wet, to keep warm and dry

*  Dry wet clothes and gear quickly by placing on blanket in the sun

*  Use as a ground tarp to keep dampness out

*  Twist for extra rope material

*  Create a makeshift hammock

*  Mark a trail with cut strips

*  Build a horseshoe pack to carry small items

* Make a belt by twisting and looping through pants, and tie

*  Use as aluminum foil to warm food near the coals of a fire

*  Cut to size and wrap food to waterproof

*  Use as a poncho in sudden rain or wind storms

*   Make fish lures by cutting small pieces to use as a lure (shiny surfaces attract fish)

*   Make fishing weights by cutting 3-inch squares to wrap stones

*  Make a food/bear cache by wrapping food in the blanket, tying with rope, tossing rope over a high branch, hoisting up, then tying off the other end

*  Make ‘gaiters’ by wrapping cut-to-size pieces around legs and secure with duct tape

*  Make a sunshade. The reflective properties makes it many degrees cooler under the shade than in full sun

*  Stuff with clothing and tie ends to use as a warm pillow

*   Fill with sand, snow, or dirt and tie ends to create an anchor*

*  Improvise a light by redirecting light from a full moon, sun or flashlight

Always have plenty of Mylar emergency blankets on hand for all outdoor adventuring!

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