Accidents happen, they are a potential part of everyday living. Are you prepared to help a friend or loved one?

Could you confidently help someone having a heart attack, has fainted or is having a stroke? Would you know what to do if someone sprained a muscle or has broken a bone?  How about if someone gets caught in a fire or if someone suddenly has an asthma attack and stops breathing?  Would you know what to do?

A general first aid guide is something everyone should have and also be familiar with the training and information inside.

Accidents happen. You will know how to help in these situations with confidence if you have a good general training in first aid.  Sure enough, accidents are a part of life and are unfortunately present as a potential every day.

A Background on the Necessity of First Aid Kits

Simply put, first aid is urgent care that is immediately provided to the victims of accidents prior to the arrival of the trained medical personnel. It includes the use and application of simple yet rapid measures such as applying pressure to wounds, clearing a blocked air passage, or rinsing chemical burns from eyes and skin. While it is impossible to predict the occurrence of any of these mishaps, it is important to prepare yourself and be ready for what may come.

As the cliché goes, prevention is better than cure. Meaning to say, every emergency situation that has to be cared for must be coupled with a good first aid kit. This is a special pouch which you always keep nearby. You should know how to use all of the items contained inside.

First Aid Kit Contents

What should comprise your first aid kit? At the very minimum, it should contain plenty of adhesive bandages, alcohol pads, thermometer, scissors, tweezers, gauze, surgical  gloves, and antibiotic ointment. You may either collect these items individually or purchase a ready to go emergency kit.

It should be portable, durable and easily fit into your suitcase, sports bag, vehicle, RV  or backpack for camping and adventuring. With a good first aid kit on hand, you can readily tend to those who need immediate medical  attention and increase the potential of saving lives.

The Role of a First Aid Manual

Apart from being prepared with your first aid kit, as mentioned above, it is strongly advised to have a first aid manual to learn basic first aid treatment for every day emergencies and therefore be confident and knowledgeable in treating common wounds, accidents and injuries should they arise.

Study the information in your manual and keep it handy for reference should the need arise.


The Perfect Answer to Meet all of Your Basic First Aid Needs!

Patch-Up 2-in-1 First Aid Kit  Contains 300 pieces and 40 unique Items, with a mini-kit inside containing 63 items for your handbag or when you only need to take a few items along. The compact design has 5 fold out pockets for quick item identification in an emergency.

Perfect  for families and groups.

Includes Crucial First Aid PDF’s:

“How to Use the items In Your Kit”

“First Aid Guide for Common Accidents and Injuries ”



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