NEW Patch-Up Survival Kit

Containing 12 Lifesaving Emergency Tools for Home, Outdoors and Disaster Preparedness

Head out on a hike or outdoor adventure being safe and well prepared to fix just about anything you may need or encounter! This kit is built to last and could help save your life if you get lost or stranded.

And…be prepared for survival, earthquake and disasters at home or while travelling.

This portable and lightweight Survival Kit is a “must have” safety item to take everywhere!

  • The compact size (6.5 “X 4.5”) makes it easily portable
  • It’s tough plastic waterproof and shockproof case stands up to extreme weather conditions to protect the contents inside.
  • Side case clips provide an airtight seal for further contents protection, and will float if your boat has capsized.
  • All survival tools inside are made with tough plastic, stainless steel or aluminum alloy so they will never rust or corrode.


Fire Starter

9 Function multi-tool pliers

3 Mode flash light

11 Function saber card

Wire saw

3 Function knife

Fishing line and hooks

Compass with solar dial

Tactical defense pen

Mini light

Rescue whistle

Waterproof case

Have fun outdoors knowing you are well prepared for your adventure!

  • Start a fire without matches
  • Open bottles and cans for food
  • Cut down debris, make firewood or shelter with the wire saw
  • Find your way with the compass
  • Be able to see at night with the 3 flashlights included
  • Have a knife to cut through seatbelts among many other uses
  • Signal search and rescue teams with the whistle
  • Fish for food if lost in the wilderness
  • Open or fix anything with the multi-tool pliers
  • Break window glass safely to escape
  • Protect yourself against intruders or animals with the tactical self-defense pen
  • This kit is perfect for everything from everyday outdoor activities to wilderness treks and survival preparedness.


Comes with complete “Instructions For Use” emailed upon purchase and also available on our website.

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